Working as a Recovery Truck Operator

Breakdown recovery is something that every motorist needs at some time or other. Although many people have cover with companies such as The AA and RAC, there is still room for independent recovery truck drivers to make a living.

If you’ve ever considered working as a recovery truck operator then you should find the information contained within this article very useful.

Below is a guide to help you get started that includes advice on choosing a vehicle, getting the right type of cover and finding work.

Getting a vehicle

Getting a truck is of course essential if you want to work as a recovery truck operator. As far as getting a truck goes, you should think about what driving experience you have and how many vehicles you want to be able to tow at a given time. The size and capacity of recovery trucks can vary greatly – from trucks that can tow just a single vehicle to those that can carry 5 or more. Obviously the price will reflect the size of the vehicle you buy so your budget will play an important role in this decision.

Getting insurance

Once you have your recovery truck, you’ll then need to protect it by getting recovery truck insurance. There are many sites where you can get recovery truck insurance now so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just be sure to take any steps you can in order to keep the cost of your cover to a minimum. This includes making your truck secure and getting as many quotes as you can.

Finding work

When it comes to finding clients as a recovery truck operator, there are a few ways to go about it. Firstly you can advertise your services in various ways – online, via print ads, leaflets etc. This can be effective but can also be a drain on your funds and doesn’t always pay off.

Another way to get work is by contacting different types of motor trade businesses who might have the need for a regular recovery truck operator. This is a very smart idea since it will often lead to repeat work, especially if you prove yourself to be reliable.

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