5 Great German Cars 2018

Thank you to Clean Green Compare Taxi insurance for the following article. Germany has an incredible reputation when it comes to cars. Things like great handling, superior build quality and beautiful interiors are all things that German cars are associated with. With this in mind below are 5 of the best German models currently on […]

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Top Gear Review

Top Gear recently reviewed the Mercedes-Benz S-Class on their website. They gave the luxury car a glowing review and stated that it “easily sits in the top spot in the luxury class”. In addition to praising the looks and driving capabilities of the car, they also had great things to say about the beautiful interior […]

Latest German Car News

The push towards electric cars is gathering more pace all the time, and now major German car manufacturers are putting their resources into electric car development. At the 67th Frankfurt Motor Show, it was made clear that electric is the future when it comes to cars. Both Volkswagen and BMW have poured a huge amount […]

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