Is a Thatched Roof Property a Good Idea if You Own a Luxury Car?

Some of the best German car models certainly fall into the luxury category. If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of such a vehicle then you might have considered investing in a thatched roof property but are wondering if it’s suitable.

There are certainly some important things to consider where thatched roof properties are concerned. These include –

The security of your vehicle

Thatched roof properties can vary quite a bit but it’s not uncommon for a thatched roof property to have no garage or even a driveway. Obviously this isn’t ideal when you own a luxury car so it’s definitely worth knowing. If the property doesn’t have a garage or driveway then you need to consider the area it’s in and how likely it is your car would be targeted by thieves or vandals. For a lot of luxury car owners, a securely locked garage is a must, in which case a lot of thatched roof properties would be out of the question.

The cost of insurance

The cost of insurance is another thing you need to think about. Insuring a luxury car is far from cheap and the same goes for getting cover for a thatched roof property. When you own a thatched roof property you need to get cover from a specialist provider. This is because the cost of repairing or replacing a thatched roof is something insurance providers need to take into account when providing you with a quote. is a website that enables you to get quotes from many different thatched roof property insurance providers, which is certainly something you should do if you want to save money.

The cost of maintenance

Maintenance of both the roof and chimney is also a consideration when investing in a thatched roof property. They’re both things you’ll need to have inspected/maintained so you certainly want to take this into account when deciding on whether or not you want to purchase a thatched roof home.

The location

If you work in the city then owning a thatched roof property might mean having to commute each day. The majority of thatched roof properties are located in rural or semi-rural areas so this is certainly something you need to think about as it can add considerably to what you spend on fuel.

Another reason location is important is because it will affect how much you pay for your car insurance.

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