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The push towards electric cars is gathering more pace all the time, and now major German car manufacturers are putting their resources into electric car development.

At the 67th Frankfurt Motor Show, it was made clear that electric is the future when it comes to cars. Both Volkswagen and BMW have poured a huge amount of money into EV development and Volkswagen has said that it intends to be that largest EV manufacturer by 2025.

Global CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Muller said the following – “The Volkswagen Group is launching its largest electrification initiative in the automotive industry – first, we are going to fine tune and step up our production,” “The Group is going to electrify its entire model line-up, which means that by 2030, there will be at least one electrified variant for over 300 group models across all brands in all markets.” 

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In other news related to fuel, there has been a lot of discussion recently in Germany about how to cut down on pollution caused by diesel vehicles. Most German politicians are keen to avoid a complete ban on diesel vehicles in Germany’s most congested cities, while also realising that something has to be done about the problem of pollution.

Diesel cars make up roughly a third of the vehicles on the roads in Germany so it’s a very difficult situations for politicians to tackle.

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