Getting Fleet Insurance for Your Business

If you run a business that relies on the use of vehicles then it makes a lot of sense to get them insured together on a fleet policy.

Before looking at where to get fleet insurance and how to save money, below are some of the main benefits of getting a motor fleet insurance policy for your business.

Benefits of fleet insurance

  • Save time – A big advantage to getting a fleet policy as opposed to separate policies is that it helps you save a good deal of time. Time is always a valuable commodity, particularly when you’re running a business so this is a big plus of fleet insurance.
  • Save money – Getting a fleet policy also enables you to save money. In most cases, it is cheaper to insure a lot of vehicles together then it is to get separate policies.
  • Get a highly tailored policy – Another big benefit of getting fleet insurance is that policies can be highly tailored to the unique needs of your business. For example you might need to insure different types of vehicles of varying values – this is not a problem with fleet cover.

Combined policies

You can get a combined policy if you want to insure your property and vehicles together. If you do this, it’s a good idea to take any steps you can to make your business premises more secure. Things like having CCTV, a security alarm and maybe even installing blinds for bifold doors or windows in your office can all help to improve security.

Where to get cover

Generally the best way to get a fleet insurance policy is to go to a specialist provider. The type of policy you need will depend on the type of business you have. For example if you have a taxi firm and want to insurance your cabs together then you’ll need to take out a taxi fleet insurance policy.

There are many excellent fleet insurance comparison services that allow you to get quotes from a specialist providers in a quick and easy manner.

Ways to save money

  • Get a lot of quotes – One of the best ways to save money on fleet insurance is by getting a lot of quotes. Having quotes from different insurance providers will enable you to compare them easily and pick the one that’s best value.
  • Make your vehicles secure – Another way to save money on fleet insurance is by making your vehicles as secure as possible. With company vehicles, it’s worth considering getting trackers installed as well as standard security measures such as alarms and immobilisers.
  • Pay annually – If you can afford to pay for your insurance on an annual basis rather than monthly then you will be able to make a good saving with most insurance providers. Of course you will have to pay considerably more upfront so you need to think about whether the saving is worth it.




Working as a Recovery Truck Operator

Breakdown recovery is something that every motorist needs at some time or other. Although many people have cover with companies such as The AA and RAC, there is still room for independent recovery truck drivers to make a living.

If you’ve ever considered working as a recovery truck operator then you should find the information contained within this article very useful.

Below is a guide to help you get started that includes advice on choosing a vehicle, getting the right type of cover and finding work.

Getting a vehicle

Getting a truck is of course essential if you want to work as a recovery truck operator. As far as getting a truck goes, you should think about what driving experience you have and how many vehicles you want to be able to tow at a given time. The size and capacity of recovery trucks can vary greatly – from trucks that can tow just a single vehicle to those that can carry 5 or more. Obviously the price will reflect the size of the vehicle you buy so your budget will play an important role in this decision.

Getting insurance

Once you have your recovery truck, you’ll then need to protect it by getting truck insurance. There are many sites where you can get recovery truck insurance now so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just be sure to take any steps you can in order to keep the cost of your cover to a minimum. This includes making your truck secure and getting as many quotes as you can.

Finding work

When it comes to finding clients as a recovery truck operator, there are a few ways to go about it. Firstly you can advertise your services in various ways – online, via print ads, leaflets etc. This can be effective but can also be a drain on your funds and doesn’t always pay off.

Another way to get work is by contacting different types of motor trade businesses who might have the need for a regular recovery truck operator. This is a very smart idea since it will often lead to repeat work, especially if you prove yourself to be reliable.